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In Mrs. Giacalone's class, during Science, they talked about what scientists look like and what skills they need to work with other scientists.  Students put these thoughts in action as they paired up and had to "Save Sam," the silly worm (gummy worm) who flipped over his boat (a cup) and had his life jacket (a lifesaver gummy) stuck under his boat.  The students had to figure out how to flip over the boat, get the life jacket back on Sam, and get Sam safely in his boat without Sam falling into the ocean (their desks).  The students had to get the life jacket half way on to Sam using only a paper clip each!  No other materials could be used!  If Sam touched the water, or desk, they had to start all over!




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Today: 9/25/16

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Students performing Jumping jacks at Evergreen's B.O.K.S. (Build Our Kids' Success) program.  Regular physical activity has been shown to increase concentration and attention, improve attendance, and increase academic performance.