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Preschool enjoys Donuts with Dads!

First Graders eat rice with chop sticks

out of their clay Japanese rice bowls

that they made in class.


School Report Card 2014

In the Daily Herald last Friday, October 31st, the School Report Card for 2014 was released.

The top reading and math scores in DuPage County are reported in the chart below.   The chart states:

  • ISAT scores for 3rd and 8th grade  
  • District wide growth scores for reading and math.

In both categories Benjamin District 25 was highlighted.  For reading and math, 83.3% of our third grade students meet or exceed expectations.  In addition, the over-all district’s Math Growth Scored based on spring 2014, as compared to spring 2013, is 114.7.  This score is significant because the more rigorous spring 2014 ISAT included 100% of Common Core Standards, while the spring 2013 ISAT included only 20% of Common Core Standard.

 A score above 100 shows student growth.  To give a form of reference, the highest growth scored listed in the Daily Herald School Checker for reading and math are:  Math 128.  Reading 118.3

As a school, Evergreen’s Growth Scores are:

  • Math Growth score is 119.6
  • Reading Growth Score 105.3

Thank you parents for your continuous help at school and home supporting your students.



Law Bans Use of Cell Phones in School and Construction Zones

No Cell phone.jpgMost drivers know that it is illegal to compose, send or read text messages, read orcompose e-mail, look at the Internet or otherwise compose or send any type of electronic message while driving.

Two years ago, a law went into effect that also bans talking on cellular phones while in construction and school speed zones. Users of hands-free or voice-activated devices are exempt. Infractions of both laws are considered a moving violation, which could affect a motorist's driving record, just like a speeding ticket. 

School Hours:

   AM Pre-School:              8:20am  - 11:05am
   PM Pre-School:              12:20pm - 2:55pm

   Kindergarten:                 8:30am  - 2:55pm

   Grades 1-4:                      8:30am -  3:05pm


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All Benjamin School District #25 Buildings are OPEN





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